Your Consultation

Your consultation is the time for you to express your desires, sale to learn what plastic surgery can do for you and to determine how your surgeon can best help you achieve your objectives.

Telephone consultation
Your consultation is a two-stage process that begins by talking to one of our fully trained UK-based team. It’s at this point that we can start to understand what you’re looking to achieve, dosage your medical history and general demographic information.

We will discuss all the phases of your plastic surgery including the period before the procedure, the details of the surgery itself, and the recovery. We will address when you can resume various physical activities, when you should return to work. We aim answer all of your questions in detail, however, with the extent of information you will receive during the consultation it is possible that questions may arise later. We encourage you to call back with any lingering or new questions.

Consultation with your surgeon
Once we have completed the telephone consultation your details will be passed on to our team of surgeons in Budapest who will review your file and establish whether or not they will need any additional information prior to your trip to Budapest. Depending on the treatment you are interested in, your surgeon may contact you to discuss your surgery over the phone.

Once you arrive in Budapest, you will be greeted by your patient coordinator who will take you to your accommodation. The following day you will meet with your surgeon and review your requirements together.

In this second stage of your consultation, your surgeon will have several goals to achieve:

• Firstly, your surgeon will want to begin to get to know you, and for you to get to know him/her and develop a trust in their ability to safely deliver the results that you desire and expect.

• To reconfirm your present situation and discuss the chosen procedure with you.

• To review your medical history and condition to ensure that you receive the maximum safety and care.

• To provide you with an accurate expectation of exactly what plastic surgery can achieve for you.

• To make sure that you completely understand the entire process of plastic surgery and the recovery phase.